$21,000 to hack Ballet wallets

Yesterday, Ballet announced that its total customer wallet deposits have reached USD $21 million of equivalent cryptocurrency.

Today, I’m excited to share a $21,000 challenge with you: I want you to try and hack my own personal REAL Bitcoin wallets. I have loaded 2 wallets, each with 1.0 BTC, which is a combined value of over $21,000 at today’s prices.

For one wallet (serial number AA009926), I have revealed the full encrypted private key underneath the silver sticker. If you can guess the corresponding BIP38 passphrase, then you can take my 1.0 BTC. Yes, give it a try! Here’s the full encrypted private key:


For the second wallet (serial number AA012381), I have scratched off the passphrase part, and revealed the full BIP38 passphrase. All you need to do is to crack the private key, and you can take my 1.0 BTC. Got it? Here’s the BIP38 decryption passphrase:


Neither of them will be easy. But I’ll leave it out there for a minimum of 12 months, until August 2021, and see if people can get the funds.

What’s the point of this contest? It’s to show that BIP38 encrypted private keys are VERY HARD to crack. Even if I provided you with one of the two private key components, you’ll find it very difficult to hack and steal the funds. This means that for a new and untampered Ballet REAL Series wallet, where BOTH components are hidden and out of view, it’s practically impossible for any hacker to steal your funds. You’re safe.

Can you hack the wallets and take those bitcoins? Go for it!

Here's a site that explains and tracks the hacking contest: takebobbysbitcoin.com


  • Ys afcourse sr you really working hard and your team .
    Sr 1 sugesstion is when we activate new token address in ballet app they shows only big coin logo ( symbol ) shows but when we trying to deposit small coin or (not very popular) coin the logo not showing .
    Pls update this .
    We really need this to ballet for instant deposit our funds without any hegitation……

  • Bobby’s really giving a hard time for the hackers to hack Ballet Wallet. I truly respect your work sir! Still thinking outside the box if where is the passphrase though.


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