$21,000,000 in Ballet customer trust

Here’s a secret: I’ve been wanting to publish a personal blog for a long, long time, but have never gotten around to doing it properly. Today, in celebration of an important company milestone (for Ballet, my new cryptocurrency wallet startup), I’m seizing this opportunity to type up my first blog entry, and posting it right here on my new namesake domain: bobbylee.com

Welcome to bobbylee.com!

(By the way, I've been wanting to purchase bobbylee.com for over 20 years, since the late 1990’s if I remember correctly. I missed the chance to register it first, as some other “Bobby Lee” from Hong Kong took it first, and I was never able to snatch it from him. After many years of not checking it, it apparently went to a domain squatter, where I was finally able to buy it outright last year. That was one of my proud moments, to “take back” what I had always wanted: bobbylee.com)

Did I bury the lede? Okay, here’s the important company announcement:

Ballet has just announced that on all of its wallets and collectibles, there are now over USD $21 million equivalent in customer deposits. Yes, our customers around the world are trusting Ballet products with over $21 million of worth of cryptocurrencies. We achieved this in less than 9 months since our product shipped. 

After selling BTCC two years ago, I created Ballet in early 2019 with a simple goal: to make it easy for regular people to store and hold their Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In my 9+ years in this industry, I’ve encountered countless people who were interested in Bitcoin but were put off by how difficult it is to buy and store it safely. I know first hand that custodial wallets are not the best solution, as I built two of these services while at BTCC, and that’s not even counting our own BTCChina and BTCC Exchanges as means of storing cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets are great for geeks like myself, but they’re completely overwhelming (especially the maintenance aspect) for the regular folks that I’m referring to. Mobile wallets are convenient for sure, but they’re generally hard to set up, and can suffer from hacking, or worse yet, loss of funds through user mistakes (such as when you lose a phone or change phones). 

With Ballet, you get a simple and easy-to-use physical wallet, with NO SETUP! That’s right -- the key feature of Ballet is that there’s absolutely NOTHING to set up, as it’s ready-to-use straight out of the box. Try it! The second best feature is that it’s great for gifting to others…. Why? Because Ballet wallets were designed to be crypto bearer assets, with no external dependencies like passwords or passphrases. Just load it and give your friend the gift of crypto! What else? Oh yes, it’s made of premium stainless steel, and it smells nice. (Some of you may know why it smells nice, but if you don’t already know, then I’ll leave that as a mystery for now.)

So why is this milestone important, having $21 million in customer deposits? It’s to make an important point that the world is starting to trust Ballet. Trust is a complicated beast. In the real world, you can’t have it in a vacuum. Trust always has to connect to something, which is why you have the term “chain of trust”. Also, it takes time to build trust. At Ballet, since I’m the founder and CEO, the trust starts with me personally. And over time, with great products that stand the test of time, Ballet will slowly earn trust from its users worldwide. This could take a long time, but time is on our side. $21 million is just one numeric way to measure the trust in Ballet. This number will surely increase over time. (For reference, when I was CoinMaker for BTCC Mint, I created over 22,000 physical bitcoins, blocks, chips, & collectibles, with over 8,756 bitcoins loaded in them. At today’s market price, that’s actually over $100 million! None of that was ever hacked or stolen. BTCC Mint products are some of the most prized in the collectibles circuit, and the values of those early coins have gone up tremendously.) 

To celebrate this company milestone, I’m launching special deals on our 4 most popular wallets, the REAL Series: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP. Click on the Ballet Deals section to see the discounts, and save more when you buy more!

Cheers to $21 million in Ballet customer funds!

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