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What is Ballet?





You don’t need me to tell you that crypto has exploded in popularity… but I will anyway. Statistics tell us that about $112 billion is traded in cryptocurrency each and every day. And as of August 1 of 2022, the global market cap was $1.06 trillion. In other words, cryptocurrency is nothing to scoff at. With the market being what it is, people are always on the hunt for more efficient and secure ways to manage their assets. That’s where Ballet comes in.

What is Ballet?

To better understand what Ballet is and does, let’s first talk about “cold wallets.” A cold wallet is a special type of crypto wallet that can’t be hacked or compromised because it’s not connected to the internet. Your cold wallet contains your crypto address and private key, which is what you use to pay people and get paid.

Ballet is a cold wallet. It’s a cryptocurrency storage product, with our flagship product — the REAL Series Cryptocurrency Wallet — being the first in the world to be multi-currency and non-electronic. This means that it offers heightened security and flexibility.

How Does Ballet Work?

The REAL Series wallet is a physical wallet that gives you complete control over your digital assets. It uses a concealed, two-factor cryptographic private key. This key allows the wallet to work as a carrier asset, similar to how cash or gold would.

On the front of the REAL Series wallet, you’ll see a QR code. This QR code represents the wallet’s cryptocurrency deposit address. As opposed to using your actual wallet address — which is going to be a long string of characters — you can use the QR code to send and receive money.

The Ballet wallet doesn’t function independently, though. Alongside it, users utilize Ballet Crypto — the companion app. This app doesn’t store crypto or private keys. Rather, it acts as the digital interface for the physical wallet. Through the app, you can access all of the essential functions of crypto, and your private keys remain securely offline.

To get it set up, all you do is download the app, scan the QR code of your deposit address on your wallet, and that’s it! You’ve officially created your virtual wallet. Through the Ballet Crypto app, you can send and receive crypto, buy and swap it, check the current market value, and more.

What Makes the REAL Series Wallet Better Than Other Crypto Storage Solutions?

It’s important to compare individual features when it comes to deciding which storage solution to use. Let’s talk about how Ballet compares to other options, including exchanges, software wallets, and electronic hardware wallets.


  • Whereas other products make it easier for hackers to gain access to your account and withdraw currency, Ballet gives you full and exclusive control over your private keys. This effectively eliminates security risks that typically exist with crypto exchanges.
  • In this scenario, the government can push for exchanges that freeze your account. They can even take away your assets. And there’s not much users can do about it. Ballet was made with decentralization as a focal point. This means that you as the user have 100% over your private keys. There is no intermediary or third party that plays a role in your transactions.

Software Wallets

  • With a software wallet, the internet gives attackers an easier entry point. Because the REAL Series wallet has no electronic components and isn’t connected to the internet, that threat doesn’t exist.
  • Bugs and errors during installation and updates are a risk. These can delete and corrupt your private keys. Ballet never needs to be updated. The private key exists only in physical form, not digital. So, it can’t be deleted or corrupted.
  • Software wallets are more challenging to navigate, so the chance of user error is greater. Ballet is simple and intuitive.

Electronic Hardware Wallets

  • Setting these up can be challenging and confusing, whereas the REAL Series wallet requires no setup.
  • The electronic components are fragile and prone to deterioration. Plus, new technology can be obsolete in just a few years. The REAL Series wallet, on the other hand, is made from stainless steel — a highly durable material that can last for a lifetime, if you take care of it.
  • Firmware updates can damage your device when you’re using an electronic hardware wallet. Because Ballet products don’t need to be updated, this isn’t a threat.
  • Commonly, if you want to send money using an electronic hardware wallet, it needs to be connected to a computer, which opens you up to threats. The REAL Series wallet doesn’t need to be connected to a computer in order for you to use it.

Ballet is so secure and trustworthy that in 2020, there was a contest to see if anyone could hack them. Why? Well, simple: We wanted to demonstrate just how challenging it is to crack this storage solution.

Cryptocurrency is our present and our future. It’s not going anywhere, and it’ll continue to seep into the way we send and receive money and pay for products and services. Having a reliable way to store and manage your cryptocurrency is vital to protecting your assets. Being picky with the storage solutions you use really pays off — literally. Ballet was designed with the user in mind, putting intuitiveness, ease of use, decentralization, and security at the forefront.

Ready to check it out for yourself? Take control of your assets and manage your crypto with ease. Shop from our selection and grab the REAL wallet now.

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